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This week I saw two films (possible spoilers below fyi): Jarmusch’s hypnotic vampire rock flic set in Detroit and Tangier, and Tom Cruise’s latest sci-fi mindbender set in a loopy, very active future.

Both films got me thinking about ways to be. The vampires are emo aesthete recluses, hiding from the glaring 21st century that wants to put them on all sorts of pedestals. Cruise plays the cowardly pragmatic PR salesman, shanghaied into an ultra-violent alien’s groundhog day.

Two things hit me: firstly – it’s just wonderful to see someone hone their craft over and over again. To me, these films are great examples of either artist’s style and craft. Only Lovers has a Mystery Train aftertaste, with a hint of Dead Man. It’s like Jarmusch makes the same film… again and again. I’m sure someone smarter has said this more intelligently before.

The same can be said of Cruise, at least with his sci-fi persona.

Why I blog this: well… After seeing Only Lovers Left Alive, I as also struck by the way it made me feel about my work. The last few years have been quite scattered, really. I’m ready to start focusing.

Might also get my Fyrbyrd electrics finally seen to…


Performing Design – public lecture

or… How what we make does stuff

In our climate of change, design is applied to describe all manner of intangible things. Alongside traditional products of design, the world now turns to designers to define better services, specify more joyful interactions, and find more useful ways to frame problems. Professional fields such as service, UX, interaction and strategic design evidence a turn away from framing design as a process of making things, toward design as a way to support people’s experiences.

One look at the plenitude of designStuff® we’re faced with today shows that designers are still very involved in making things, but this turn toward experience has changed the process that many designers use to do design. As the material of design becomes more intangible, designers have turned to an increasing range of artefacts to build, represent and communicate their understandings of a situation.

In this presentation I frame design artefacts in terms of the way they encourage—or dissuade—ambiguity in the design process. In this light, we will examine the way designers use artefacts in the performance of design, or… how what we make does stuff.


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