universal declaration of users rights

Dan Saffer has posted A Universal Declaration of Users’ Rights over at the kicker blog.

I was reading this on the way into work today (iPhone, Google Reader, coffee in one hand, one eye scanning for trams across swanston st) and while I think this is a fantastic take on the state our digital shadow is in, I couldn’t get past the word ‘product’ and the commercial connotations it had.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that commerce and human rights are mutually exclusive.. what I’m thinking here is that commerce might be too small a field for this very cool document to situate itself.

.. and while I know that ‘product’ is used in this context to describe the product of design endeavor, I do wonder if there’s not a better way of describing these things we make… particularly given the product/service dialectic, and the co-option of words by sectors (like commerce ‘owning’ product) that we really don’t have control over..

anyone got any thoughts on that?

  • http://deep.resk.in Miek Dunbar

    I have tried using the term ‘artifact’ instead of ‘product’. It seems to work quite well, except that the word doesn’t really fly much outside academia. It also doesn’t apply to services very well, but if you think of services as experiences, and experiences as objects to look back on and examine, then you could perhaps use artifacts. Or maybe just ‘things’. An experience can be a thing.

    I have more of a problem with the term ‘user’ still. I think people should have the right not to be labeled as ‘users’, hooked onto some kind of junk.