SparkL workshop notes & resources – day 1

These notes supplement the March 18, 2010 workshop held in Melbourne

As presenter and facilitator of the morning session, I focused on design by:

  • describing some of the ways design sees its role in the world, and
  • expanding the notion of what design is, by using examples:
    • The Guardian (UK) just published a supplement exploring service design, with a print and online version
    • John Thackara has published the DOTT book (Design Of The Times), a fantastic document of sustainability seen through design eyes and processes (with a free PDF version)
    • IDEO’s Patterns and Human Centered Design Toolkit
    • The American Red Cross’ Text ‘haiti’ campaign

In this section I talked about the shift in focus from objects to experiences, demonstrated by the rise of interaction and service design.

Then, we collaboratively explored what it might mean to be a good designer.